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Allow time for these videos to load/buffer, as many are large files and made to be viewed on high definition screens.










This work was specifically created for part of my video installation, 'Parad-Ice'. See '2 installation works' in projects for more information.



dna and dna









This work was specifically created for the Boomalli Annual Members' Show 2013. See events for more information on this work.

You can also navigate this work online here.







This work was specifically created for the 2010 27th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award, for it's inaugural New Media Award, receiving a Highly Commended from the judges.

The piece was viewed both live online in Second Life, and projected in gallery spaces, navigated by joystick or gamepad.

It is thanks to ACVA, that i was able to produce this work, as they allowed the use of their Second Life sim to create it in.

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Light, Clouds and Rock






This work involved textures derived from video images of clouds. The membrane shapes, i have called 'universal mesh'. These shapes occur all through nature and reasonably recently i saw the shapes again when looking at recent mappings of the universe.

I also wanted to play with Second Life lighting and water effects.







Fragmented Desolation









Here i wanted to talk further about the destruction of the earth, by showing how beautiful it can look, but fragmented appears disjointed. Which world, which future do we want to live in?



Double the Layers








These pieces are textured by my line drawings. They are my first attempts at creating shapes with textures and using basic scripting. Inworld, they were huge, which is why i like working in spaces like this: i can create at scales i haven't got the facilities for in physical space.


Day at Wreck Bay










These are video and stills footage i took at the very beautiful Wreck Bay. The shapes interest me, to me they are very beautiful.


Sista's first SL animation!








This was my first attempt at avatar animation, and i was very pleased with it! It is modelled on my own movements, bit by bit until it was completed. This exercise certainly made me realise just how many movements are involved in a seemingly simple movement.



What's a Blakfulla doing in a virtual realm?








This was my first "film", a series of stills images taken from my adventures in Second Life. I wanted to not only show what i had been up to in Second Life, but to also explain why i had at the time, in a sense, escaped into this online world. Watch until the end to see what i mean!



Spark Series - Art Installation by Sistagrlro Wei








This is a funny little machinma my friend Xineohp Guisse made of my work in 2010. Take a look, I think Xin is a very clever editor! I really thank him for taking such an interest in my work.


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