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Ngarara Place, RMIT Melbourne


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Micro Galleries Nowra | 8 - 24 May 2015



Take a look at the Micro Galleries website here.



Guliman ("Coolamon", Gamilaraay language)

"This work explores nurture as symbolised by the modern guliman. Guliman are cultural objects which carry precious things, including our babies: speaking to cultural parenting. The adult sized guliman symbolise the need for care as adults, the need to have a good place to sleep. The beach umbrellas symbolise trees & the need for shelter, and not just physically."


To expand on this description further, this work also references current events such as the closure of approximately 250 Aboriginal communities in South Australia and Western Australia, the lack of housing & the squandering of resources in the inner city Aboriginal community of Redfern, poverty, homelessness and current asylum seeker boat turnback and detention policies.

We all need a safe and nurturing environment to live and dream in. We all need a 'roof over our heads' as it were. We all need food in our bellies as symbolised by guliman as it is also used by women to carry gathered food in.

Trees also sumbolise our men, our Warriors and our need for their roles to be maintained and strengthened.


Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman Guliman



Micro Galleries | Nowra is also featuring a projection of the video of my installation work Connections2 on the opening nights of Friday 8 & Saturday 9 May.

Check it out on my video page.


My thanks to:

Kat Roma Greer, Micro Galleries initiator, for inviting me to be part. It is so fabulous for regional centres to experience different forms of creative expression and Kat has done an amazing job of pulling Micro Galleries together. I am so pleased to have been involved!


My daughter Alinta Groves, son-in-law James Barnes and my grandaughter Aylah Jade. Alinta and James spent the day helping me install Guliman and I simply would not have been able to do it without them.


Alinta also completely set up and manned the projection of my work Connections2 at the end of Schofield's Lane for the opening Friday & Saturday night of Micro Galleries. James provided much support & assistance and our Aylah was so very well behaved and adorable!


Rebecca O'Shea, Micro Galleries' lovely and efficient Production Manager who is so very easy to work with and who ensured Alinta was well looked after.

Bundanon Trust & their Community Engagement Officer, Regina Heilmann for working with me to ensure this project was funded. And thanks so much to Regie for helping me transport the work into Nowra! She is a great support.

ArtsNSW, Aboriginal Regional Arts Fund who are adventurous in ensuring new art is being created in NSW.


Culburra Beach Home Hardware

Jean-Paul Maugulet at Culburra Beach Timber and Hardware for making it so easy in supplying me with the vast majority of the materials needed.

Take a look at the Micro Galleries website here!


2 installation works

Right Between the Eyes (2014)

Those who have been appointed leaders in federal Aboriginal Affairs currently don't seem to have our interests at heart, demonstrated by the $534M slashed from Aboriginal services in the first Abbott government budget of 2014, with a threat of $600M more possible. This interactive work allows audiences to express our frustrations, much in the spirit of foam bricks used to throw at TVs!

DEC 2014: Currently being reshown as part of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative's end of year Member's show, Leichhardt, Sydney.

Installation: Hook & loop strips on wooden bases. Shaped sponges, and beanbags.

Image of room installation of 'Right Between the Eyes'(2014)


Image of room installation of 'Right Between the Eyes'(2014)


Parad-Ice (2014)

I live out of country in the stunning Yuin nation of the south coast of NSW. As gorgeous as this country is, it's beauty is underlined by what is a huge ice drug problem amongst under 30 year olds. I am scared ice is rendering this generation of young people useless, that they will not be capable of providing their voice to our struggle, now and into the future.

Installation: Video projection onto printed glass, crystals on the floor.

See video element of this work on my Video page.


Image of room installation of 'Parad-Ice'(2014)



[DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by me, the artist, in these works do not necessarily reflect the views of any gallery exhibiting it or any associated funding bodies.]

These works were presented in September/October 2014, as a solo show utilising the front window galleries at Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative, Leichhardt, Sydney.


Micro World: TRANSMIT 2014 | Bundanon Trust @ Shoalhaven High School


Image of installation at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre


Image of installation at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre


Micro World is one component of TRANSMIT 2014, a Bundanon Trust project. TRANSMIT 2014 will be a multi-disciplinary performance to take place at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre on Friday August 22, 2014. It follows from the success of TRANSMIT 2013 and will feature dance, verse & rhyme, multi-media projection and photography, all created by young people from around the local area.

Shoalhaven High School Year 11 Photography students will produce the MICRO WORLD component of TRANSMIT 2014. An exciting 6 week program has been designed with myself as an Artist In Resident at Shoalhaven High School, leading this component.

Briefly, Micro World aims to encourage students to look at different ways photography can be used to storytell. Students will complete 2 components: one for photographic wall display in the foyer of the Studio at Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre for the performance date; the other for projection on the Studio stage back wall during performances of TRANSMIT 2014. It is presumed that students already know photographic basics, and seeks to extend those skills using Photoshop manipulation and displaying projection work in a simple 3D setting using SketchUp. The completion of both components of this project may have been overambitious given the group dynamics. As a consequence, students only completed the photographic component to the point of being displayed.

Micro World is an opportunity to show the world of local young people through their eyes. It is important our contemporary lives are documented, as we live them now. Micro World focuses on surfaces, what do young people see around them every day, on walls, on tables, on the ground - on the surfaces around them? Do young people have a favourite object which inhabits space on the surfaces in their lives? Why is that object a favourite? How different are the objects young people see around them to what was seen in times gone by? Micro World will explore these questions using interesting means to display young people's work and will be a compelling component of TRANSMIT 2014.


Moogahlin Performing Arts | Board Member & Website Builder


I'm very pleased to have been invited to become a member of the Board of Moogahlin Performing Arts, an exciting Aboriginal performing arts company. I have been asked to bring digital strategies to the company.

Moogahlin Performing Arts are coming up to their 5th birthday and their successes now require them to take the company to the next level. As part of this new phase at the company, I am building them a new website. It should be online by February 18, 2014.


Yabun Festival 2014 Poster Design

Gadigal Information Service & their new digital service, are presenting Yabun Festival 2014 at Victoria Park, Camperdown, in the middle of Sydney on January 26. And I've designed the marketing material! Make sure you're part of it too, get along to one of Yabun Festival's events!

Click/touch poster to like on Facebook!

Yabun Festival 2014 Yabun2014-parra_popup Yabun2014_leichhardt-movie-night
yabun2014-program-front yabun2014-program-back yabun2014-speakout-program



Yabun 2014 Volunteers Coordinator | Gadigal Information Service

Gadigal Information Service & their new digital service, are presenting Yabun 2014 at Victoria Park, Camperdown, in the middle of Sydney on January 26. This year's theme is "SURVIVE" and as with every year we need our valued volunteers! In the lead up to Yabun 2014, I am helping co-ordinate our volunteers.


If you would like to volunteer, click/touch this flyer to register online now!

I am also helping out with advertising material & the poster as well this year for Yabun 2014!


Facilitator Aboriginal Interpretation-Incubator | Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority | Nov/Dec 2013


The Aboriginal Interpretation - Incubator | Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) ran from November 12 - December 6. The final concepts artists (Barbara McGrady, Joe Hurst, James Simon, Donna Ingram, Nardi Simpson, Colin Kinchela, Kyra Kum-Sing, Jasmine Sarin) are running with to present to SHFA for consideration for production in 2014 are so exciting that I really do hope folk come and have a look when they are completed! They reflect the intelligence, humour, sensitivity & immense talents of the extraordinary artists/cultural practitioners brought to this process. It was an absolute pleasure working with them all, facilitation isn't always an easy thing, but this group made my job very easy. Thank you all so very much and awesome work achieved!

Many thanks to the Doonooch Dancers who travelled all the way from Nowra on the South Coast to dance for us at the very start of the project, opening & welcoming us. They really did put a good feeling around the project for us!

We were incredibly lucky to have Liza-mare Syron documenting this lab's progress as part of her Research Fellowship at Macquarie University. She also brought her much honed skills as a theatre practitioner to performance elements of the project, which to be honest I was so grateful for as theatre is not my world. Thank you so much Liza-mare for also being a great sounding board for me during this process!

A number of Aboriginal professionals shared their knowledges with us and concepts reflect their much needed input. Thank you to all who came and spoke with us. A special thanks to Terry & the Lads from Tribal Warrior who shared their knowledges with us too.

Glenn Duffield (Riley) helped bump in & out of the space we used for this lab. He has also been my rock through this process, picking me up late from the station, driving me to Kiama when i missed the train in the morning as tiredness overtook me. Glenn listened patiently to my out pourings of each day & made sure I was looked after eg. that I was fed properly & other necessary mundane things, which wasn't always easy on him either. I love that man.

SHFA staff supported us all in every conceivable way, this project really has been a gift. The original lab concept came from Gabi Widders, an amazing young woman, with a very bright future in the Arts. Michael Cohen, was so easy & mellow to work with & I have so appreciated the easy, quiet, yet candid way he worked with both myself & the artists involved. Early on Binowee Bayles was involved & her input was equally as important & appreciated as she helped with much of the set up behind the scenes in the lead up to this lab. All other SHFA staff who were involved were lovely & openly shared their expertise with us. Thank you all!

It is hoped concepts will be produced in 2014, to bring an ongoing Aboriginal presence to The Rocks & Darling Harbour areas of Sydney.

Keep your eyes and ears out for when works will be presented & please come along and support these fabulous artists' hard work!

Click here to see the 2 Day Intensive program for November 12 & 13.

Click here to see the 2 Week Artist Lab program for November 25 - December 6.


A Creative Director of SONA Superstudio 2013!

Check out the next issue of Architecture Australia to see the first all Aboriginal team of Creative Directors for SONA Superstudio 2013! I'm providing design/art/conceptual input on the team with my brother Jefa Greenaway (Weilwan & Gomeroi, Architect). Dillon Kombumerri (Yugambir, Architect) and Reuben Berg (Gunditjmara, Architect). Our creative directing team will also be judging state finalists to find the national winner.

SONA Superstudio is an annual 24 hour architectural design challenge for students and will be held this year on August 2-3, 2013. Our working title is "Refuge of Discomfort" but the actual brief will not be revealed until August 2! (So don't bother asking what we are planning, my lips are sealed!) The winning team wins inclusion to the Venice Biennale 2014 and tickets to be there!

Click/touch to view Brief

Click poster to view our brief.

Oolong House Art Project 2012

I am proud to have initially conceived, coordinated and worked with the Oolong House Art Project, a Bundanon Trust local CACD initiative funded by Aboriginal Regional Arts NSW.

The men worked really well & the artwork produced reflects that!

OHAP install


Goulburn Art Class - 2-0-1-1 | People we know - Places we've been

A Djon Mundine project in conjunction with Goulburn Correctional Facility and Goulburn Regional Art Gallery with artist inmates in Goulburn Gaol, and ensuing exhibition at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.

Check out Art Monthly Australia for my short article on my experience working with this project.


Bundanon Trust - Artist in Residence & Workshops

Image from Meandering

Image: 'Meandering' as part of Terra Virtualis | ISEA2011 - Istanbul

A month long residency at the lovely Bundanon Trust's artists retreat on the banks of the Shoalhaven River, including workshops with Nowra TAFE Aboriginal Art students & Vincentia High School students.

ACVA's UNCONTAINABLE: Terra Virtualis | ISEA2011 - Istanbul

"Meandering", a virtual 3D interactive artwork was shown as part of the Australian Centre of Virtual Arts's exhibition UNCONTAINABLE: Terra Virtualis | ISEA2011 - Istanbul, Turkey in September 2011. My multi sensory installation has been uninstalled from Second Life but you can view the catalogue here.