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June 2015

Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW

Sustainable Futures, Investing in Everyone : Harm Minimisation Summit | 10 - 12 June 2015

It's been very easy creating material for the upcoming AH&MRC summit given I had great artwork by Sonny Green to utilise!


CLICK/TOUCH for the Summit Program.



CLICK/TOUCH for the Summit full Agenda.

CLICK/TOUCH for the Summit Networking Sheet.


Registration information [CLICK/TOUCH flyer for more information]

Summit registration


Scholarship registration [CLICK/TOUCH flyer for more information]

Scholarship registration


As a prelude to this summit, an Aboriginal Youth Focus Meeting was held on 20 April, 2015.

Aboriginal Youth Focus Meeting


April 2015

Festival of Baiame's Ngunnhu | 3 - 4 April 2015

December 2014

APPLY NOW! | Yellamundie National Aboriginal Playwriting Festival | 27th July - 8th August 2015

August 2013

SONA SuperStudio 2013 Winners Announced!

Congratulations SONA SuperStudio 2013 Winners!!!!

Click/touch above image to access SONA SuperStudio 2013 Winner's Announcement.


It has been an absolute pleasure to have been a part of the creative directing team for SONA SuperStudio 2013 national architectural student design competition with my brother, architect Jefa Greenaway and architects Rueben Berg and Dillon Kombumerri. This is the first time SONA SuperStudio has considered an all Aboriginal creative directing team and I hope we brought considerations to the brief this year which haven't been presented from quite the angle we presented.

All participants responded to our brief in interesting, creative ways and engaged with surprisingly, unexpected sensitivity. Of course there were the cliched responses at times, but all in all, I have been excited with student presentations.

I would like to congratulate the winning team, highly commended teams and teams who received honourable mentions. I would also like to congratulate all state finalists on their incredible efforts, you didn't make it easy to judge this at a national level at all!

I would also like to thank in particular Georgina, Loren and Sarah Lynn. Thanks also go to SONA, the Australian Institute of Architects and all participants. I especially would like to thank my brother Jefa for inviting me to take part, I'm so glad I did!

Please make sure you click the congratulations image above to see the very hard work produced in such a short time by the National winning team, those highly commended and those who received honourable mentions. I'm sure you'll find them as interesting and inspirational as we did.


July 2013

SONA SuperStudio 2013

March 2013

Boomalli Annual Members Show 2013

Boomalli Group Show


Great members' show at Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative 2013 and I am proud to be showing too! Thanks and well done Bronwyn Bancroft and everyone!


dna and dna anim


My work "dna and dna anim" was created specifically for this show. It is a looped video of a small 3D artwork created using Unity gaming engine.

I wanted to start talking about dna and classification and have highlighted some x, which is female (in red), and y, which is male (in green), chromosome haplogroups specific to Aboriginal people ('brighter') and the haplogroups they come from. I've read a little bit on this, and there are simply things which don't make sense to me, probably because I'm not a geneticist, but there are anomolies to do with dating etc. I'd like to see more information available about us and the whole region, but many of the studies are really yet to be done.

It can also be understood why maybe more studies haven't been done. Aboriginal people have been studied very much by many arms of the western sciences and are now especially careful about how information taken about us is utilised. So I understand this.

Please know that I am NOT a scientist and that this is an artwork!

This work for me also highlights the need for important art venues such as Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative to be funded, I don't have spare equipment (most currently being used for another project, can't afford new globe for my projector) to install this work as I would like to show it: projected onto the wall, using a game controller via computer to navigate the work (which is why a looped video is being shown). The reality of the arts today is that digital content is increasing and venues need to be able to accommodate their artists' work. Both the screen and the video recorder being used to display the work currently is old too. This equipment has been donated to Boomalli and is sorely needed and appreciated, but please, Boomalli need some real support in the way of equipment such as HD LED or LCD screens, projectors, computers with decent graphics cards, lighting, globes, software, video & sound recorders etc. Here's to some serious funding support, hopefully Creative Australia can see the merit in there somewhere to fund Boomalli to enable it to keep up to date with current technologies.


dna and dna by aroha groves 2013

still from 3d artwork by aroha groves, march 2013


If you are on a desktop/laptop, you can navigate the actual art work here!


November 2012

Oolong House Art Project Launch

This project is getting close to launch date! Keep checking in here or on the project website to find out when and where.

OHAP e-invite




September 2011

TerraVirtualis | ISEA2011 - Istanbul

Meandering@TerraVirtualis | ISEA2011 - Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey is the setting for this year's International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA2011), and the Australian Centre of Virtual Art (ACVA) have been invited to show!

"Meandering" is my contribution & can be seen in Second Life, You don't have to be in Istanbul to see it so come and have a look! Please remember this is an artwork in a virtual 3D space.

ACVA have also released their inaugural issue of  The Australian Journal of Virtual Art to coincide with TerraVirtualis | ISEA2011 - Istanbul.


September 2011

Boomalli Essay by Bronwyn Bancroft

Easy to read, succinct essay celebrating one of the most enduring Aboriginal Art institutions, written by Bundjalung artist Bronwyn Bancroft, one of the original founders of Boomalli Aboriginal Artist's Co-operative.

After a few trying years, Boomalli have bounced back in a big way having just celebrated  the  transfer of the Flood Street, Leichhardt (Sydney, Australia) property to Boomalli Aboriginal Artist's Co-operative. Boomalli are not only surviving, but thriving, creating interesting shows, despite encountering a desert of funding by the major arts supporters in this country. A great achievement indeed, Boomalli really should be congratulated.

As Bronwyn Bancroft says:

The land we stand on was first colonised and
we, as Aboriginal people from NSW,
are the last to be recognised

Click here to read Bronwyn's essay.


June 2011

Arts Yarn Up

Arts Yarn Up is an Aboriginal arts publication produced by the Australia Council for the Arts and is distributed all across Australia. This most latest issue features digital arts, and i'm on page 18! It's a great issue showcasing many artists works. Check it out here.